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Swizz Beatz Gives A Promising Update On 'Verzuz' Following Triller Beef

Swizz Beatz

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Swizz Beatz gave an update the status of Verzuz following it previous legal discrepancy with Triller.

On Wednesday, April 26, the accomplished producer stopped by The Breakfast Club to talk about everything he's got going on. During their discussion, Swizz touched on Verzuz and what's next for the massive platform now that he and Timbaland are on good terms with Triller. He began by clarifying that he never told anyone to ditch Triller while they were going through their legal issues last year. The co-founder of the successful event also said he appreciated the brief pause so that they can come back bigger than before.

"We definitely going to get Verzuz back," Swizz explained. "We're in a great space. I actually like that we were able to take a time-out. It was getting wild, I'm not going to lie. It was becoming crazy, but this time we're coming back with a full calendar and bigger Verzuz."

"My thing is with me and Tim that I'd rather us take our time an come back with an amazing schedule that people will go crazy, and y'all will see this very soon, and then also with new management," he continued.

It's been nearly a year since Verzuz held it's last battle between Latin icons DJ Nelson and Luny Tunes. One month after that event went down last summer, Swizz and Timbaland sued Triller for $28 million after the video-sharing app reportedly defaulted on payments. Artists like Styles P and other members of the Hip-Hop community responded swiftly by threatening to boycott Verzuz and the app if Triller didn't clean up its act. A few weeks later, the duo ended up settling with the company.

“Verzuz has always been a platform that is by the artists, for the artists and with the people,” Swizz Beatz and Timbaland said in a statement. “We’re glad to come to an amicable agreement with Triller and continue giving fans the music and community that they’ve come to know and love from the brand.”

Swizz Beatz also talked about his new EP Hip Hop 50: Vol. 2. Although the project features veterans like Lil Wayne, Nas, Jadakiss, and Jay Electronica, the esteemed beatmaker said he didn't want the project to sound too nostalgic.

"I just wanted to make a little gumbo," Swizz said about the EP. "Just to have fun and be inspired myself. Because of Hip-Hop's 50th, I didn't want it to feel super nostalgic. I'm trying to move out of that space actually."

Watch the entire interview below.

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