Rick Ross Talks Big Boss Tips, Finding A Good Woman, Drake & Kanye Beef

The boss Rick Ross joined us on The Breakfast Club this morning after dropping off his new book "The Perfect Day to Boss Up". Stopping by the show Ross spoke on Kanye Vs Drake, the art of taking and L, finding a good woman + much more.

With the past two weeks being dominated by both Kanye West and Drake's new albums, Rick Ross weighed in on all the buzz surrounding the two going at it on their songs and to put it very simply he doesn't think anyone is really tripping about what the other is doing.

"I was just enjoying it, you know I never took none of that s--- personal, them dudes rich I don't even think they tripping about that s---, Ye having listening events, he doing it in memory of your mom to me that's priceless, you got the world paying homage to the spirit and legacy of your mother"

With his book out now one of the most important things that the boss wanted to emphasize in his interview today was the beautiful struggle that life is and the mastery behind taking an L. Explaining that in life you're going to take losses regardless but it's about how you get back from them that determine if you really lost anything at all.

"You gotta master the art of the L, you gotta master the art of taking a loss, life is a beautiful struggle and you will take losses, now how will you take that loss will determine if that was really a loss, if you in a fistfight and get knocked out cold and you get back up let's run it again, you ain't did nothing. Rozay done taken a lot of L's but was it really and L or was it really knowledge because I never got up from a situation and held my head down, Ima dust myself off and go get it"

Check out the full Interview above and listen to Rick Ross on iHeartRadio below..

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