Is Jack White Collaborating With Bob Dylan?

Is Jack White working on a project with Bob Dylan? During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the Raconteurs bandleader didn't exactly say yes — but he didn't say no either.

When asked about his relationship with the rock legend, White gushed. "He’s been an incredible mentor to me, and a good friend, too," he said. "I’m lucky to even have one conversation with him. Everything else has been icing on the cake."

The conversation then turned to the question of whether the two have written music together, and that's when the guitar virtuoso got a little elusive. "I cannot tell you that," he said bluntly. "I wish I could tell you, but I cannot."

Elsewhere in the interview, White praised the likes of Greta Van Fleet and Twenty One Pilots for the way they're shaping modern rock & roll.

"It’s exciting to see young people play rock & roll, no doubt about it. That guy has a very cool voice," he said of the young revivalist rockers. "The more he makes it his own, the better. People used to say, when I first came out, 'He sounds like Robert Plant.' If you keep pushing forward, that s**t goes away."

As for TOP, he loves what they're doing. "First time I saw them was on Saturday Night Live. And I thought 'Oh, that’s really great. Another really cool two piece band that can do something really powerful.'" White explained. "I liked what they were doing, playing piano and bass, that guy, the lead singer. And it was strong."

Photo: Getty Images